Would you believe us if we told you that there was a piece of exercise equipment that could increase your fitness, aid in your weight loss journey, improve circulation as well as rehabilitate and tone muscles ALL without you needing to stand up from your chair?   Well, you should believe us because that is exactly what a mini exercise bike offers to its users. Today we’ll be sharing everything you need to know about mini exercise bikes. We’ll cover absolutely everything from the best mini exercise bikes available on the market to how to go about picking the right one for your circumstances.

Portable massage tables have changed the massage industry for the better. Masseuses are no longer restricted in terms of where, when and how they conduct their business. With this clever addition to your kit, you can massage your clients in the comfort of their own homes and keep them out of yours. Today we’ll be introducing you to the best portable massage tables 2020 has to offer. We’ll also teach you how to pick the right one for your needs—a task that is not as easy as you may think.